The Company

1889 – Foundation

Back in 1889, at Macrochori of Istanbul, is where the story of the Tzanetos family begins in the polished world of silversmithing.             A story interrupted by the uprooting of 1922, later revived by Thanassis Tzanetos at the quarter of Kerameikos in Athens.

For 33 years Tzanetos Silver designs, manufactures and merchandises silver ware, medals, plaques and gifts of collectable value, all authentic and rare pieces of art.

Unique masterpieces made of pure silver (925), chiseled exclusively by the hands of experienced craftsmen who are competent and manage well the secrets of their art.

An art whose traditions go back in time following their roots within the vast Greek Tradition. For almost half a century the Tzanetos family silversmith workshop in Athens provides the most magnificent pieces of art, all part of a handmade collection sold exclusively to the most demanding silver art lovers.

Unique collectable pieces of rare beauty destined to unique people who can appreciate and distinguish art.

Made for people like you !!!!